Thursday Weddings: Why They Work in a Town like Cape May

Is Thursday the new Saturday?

These benefits might have you saying, “I do” to a Thursday wedding! 

#1 A cost-saving move.

Any couple would love to save a couple. The cost difference alone between a Saturday wedding and a Thursday wedding is HUGE! Vendors will also be a lot cheaper on a weekday versus a Saturday night. 

#2 Spend the whole weekend.

Well, you’re here anyway, and everyone wants an excuse to take off of work to spend time with family. While you’re here, you might as well plan for a weekend getaway, and enjoy all of what the beautiful town of Cape May has to offer!

#3 Great deal on hotel rates.

It’s a big deal when you can get a great deal! Not only are you saving money on your wedding, but you are also getting quite the deal on a hotel nearby for your guests.


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