Willow Creek Winery FAQ

Q: Can I bring my own food or drinks?

A: Outside food or beverages are prohibited. Refusal to comply with this policy will result in removal from the premises.

Q: Are children allowed at Willow Creek Winery?

A: Families are always welcome! However, we are a working farm and winery catering primarily to adults. We welcome well-behaved children, but they must be supervised at all times by an adult. Children must not touch the vines or play on our chairs or machinery, which can be dangerous or cause damage at our working farm and winery.

Q: I have a celebratory group (i.e. bridal shower, birthday party, anniversary party, bachelorette party, etc.) how should I book?

A: Our Winery is the perfect place for any celebration. We recommend booking an educational wine tasting followed by a dining reservation. If you are planning a party of 25 guests or more, you should consider booking a catered event. For more information on our catering options, please fill out our event inquiry form, and our event coordinator will be in touch.

Q: How do I make a reservation for Fire Pit Friday?

A: If you wish to dine with us, please make a dining reservation on our website. On weekends and high season May through October, we are often booked out, so please make reservations ahead of time. Seating around the fire pits is first-come, first-served.

Q:  Do I need a reservation?

A: Yes! We usually book out on weekends and daily in high season May through October. We also have limited first-come-first-served seating in our outdoor bar area, but if you want to be guaranteed a table, we strongly encourage you to make a reservation on our website.

Q: Does Willow Creek do Weddings? Large wine-paired dining events?

A: Yes, we host many weddings and other large events! For more information on our wedding packages, please fill out our event inquiry form, and our event coordinator will be in touch.

Q: Do you accept walk-ins?

A: We do accept walk-ins whenever possible. You are also invited to enjoy the outdoor bar area’s first-come, first-served seating or take in the beauty of the vines and savor wine and food in the additional seating on the grass.

Q: How long do I have my table for my dining reservation?

A: Our dining reservations are for 1.5 hours. We ask that you respect other diners who all want to experience the lovely surroundings of Willow Creek Winery. You are welcome to linger with your wine in the rockers or additional seating.

Q: But what if my group wants to stay longer than 1.5 hours?

A: Your group is welcome to book an educational wine tasting (30-45 min) before dining.  If booked this way the table is secured for 2 hours.  Your group also has the option of reserving the semi-private areas starting at $500 which comes with an additional time for enjoyment.

Q: I’d like to stay longer than 1.5 hours. Should I just make two consecutive reservations i.e.: One for 12pm-1:30pm and one for 1:30pm to 3pm?

A: No, do not do that. If we see two consecutive reservations for the same party, our staff will remove the second one. Our reservations are for 1.5 hours to be fair to all our diners. Your group is welcome to book a group tasting before dining.  If booked this way, the table is secured longer. Your group also has the option of reserving a semi-private area starting at $500 which comes with an additional time.

Q:  I noticed that when I made my reservation, your booking engine asked for my credit card information.  Will my card be charged?

A: No, your card will not be charged unless you violate our cancellation policy. We require a minimum of 3 hours notice when cancelling dining reservations. Failure to provide minimum notice of cancellation results in a cancellation fee of $10 per person. 

Q: Do you allow dogs?

A: We welcome well-behaved leashed pets outside. Please do not bring your pet at a busy time as they might get upset, bark, growl, or make our other guests uncomfortable. Please make sure you tag us in your pics so we can feature your pups on social media! 

Q:  It’s going to rain.  Do you have covered seating outdoors?

A: Yes. We have a tent, covered porches, and a covered outdoor bar.  We also have seating in our 12,000 square foot tasting room with high ceilings and excellent ventilation.

Q: What is your Cash Discount Program?

A: We have recently implemented a Cash Discount Program. We offer savings at the point of sale when you pay cash. Prices listed on our menu and advertisements reflect our cash price. Our regular price includes a 4% non-cash adjustment. The purpose of the non-cash adjustment is to incentivizes customers to pay with cash. This is an in-kind incentive in compliance with Section 2A of the Durbin Amendment, a provision of United States Federal Law 15USC and 169 O-2. We further provide a cash discount from the regular price in accordance with Section 4C4 of the same document.

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