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Barbara’s Favorite Flowers: Peony

Barbara’s Favorite Flowers: Peony A plant that is familiar to many is a favorite to Barbara, especially the ones at Willow Creek and Southern Mansion. Here’s why! My Peony Patch at the Willow Creek Vineyard includes several hundred heirloom peonies, salvaged from a historical West Cape May peony garden on Landis Ave and mixed in […]

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Barbara’s Favorite Flowers: Platycodon

Barbara’s Favorite Flowers: Platycodon   Platycodon grandiflorus, is a great hardy perennial for your garden border. Here is why Barbara loves it: She reproduces and reseeds well, which is always an added bonus (it produces lots of babies to gift your gardening aficionado friend’s with). In the family Campanulaceae (like several of my favorite waterfall […]

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Barbara’s Favorite Flowers: Yucca

Barbara’s Favorite Flowers: Yucca Yucca is a genus of perennial shrubs and trees in the family Asparagaceae, (asparagus). Yucca, of the agave family, native to the warmer regions of America, has pointed, usually rigid, sword-shaped leaves and clusters of white, waxy flowers. It is also the state flower of New Mexico. They are native to the […]

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Barbara’s Favorite Flowers: Aster

Barbara’s Favorite Flowers: Aster This is fall blooming Aster, Symphyotrichum oblongifolium, (Aster novae anglias). It’s name comes from the greek meaning “star”, which of course the flower shape is reminiscent of. The Aster is yet another easy peasy perennial that grows wild all along my woodland, and wetland borders. As its name implies, the fall Aster […]

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Barbara’s Favorite Flowers: Saffron Crocus

Barbara’s Favorite Flowers: Saffron Crocus These are Barbara’s favorite fall flowers, and flowers for her kitchen! The Saffron Crocus (C. sativus), blooms in the fall garden, when there is very little other blooms so differentiating itself from the spring blooming non-culinary common crocus. Here is what Barbara has to say about her favorite fall flower: Saffron […]

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