Top THREE things Brides regret NOT doing on their Wedding Day!

Top THREE Things Brides Regret NOT Doing on Their Wedding Day!

1.) Hiring a Videographer

Having special moments from your wedding day to watch over and over again is priceless and you will treasure the video forever. While it is an extra cost, wedding videos offer the opportunity to relive the memories of your wedding day on a more personal level. You may not realize this it in the first 10 years, but after 20 years, you’ll be wishing you had that video to look back on.

2.) Having All the Photos Your Guests Take

Experience your special day all over again through the eyes of your guests and have all your photos in one album! Wedding photo apps help collect all the photos your guests take on their smartphones, and puts them into one album. Brides and grooms can even establish a wedding hashtag for social media that will aggregate all photos using that hashtag.

3.) Having a Live Event & Wedding Painter

Live painting is the new wedding reception trend you’re going to love! In the age of cameras and phones, it’s easy to forget how special moments used to be captured. Besides giving yourself a cherished, unique gift that’ll make an awesome conversation starter in your home, your guests will love the artistic element added to your reception-and they may even be captured in the painting! It could even be fun to have something included in your wedding that you can’t see the results of immediately.


One of our favorite live event paintings by Willow Creek’s resident artist, Carol King Hood
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