Current Wine List

Current Wine List

Monday-Friday ~ 3pm-5pm
20% off of tapas and glasses of Wilde Cock wines and sangrias. Excludes Prestige label. May not be combined with any other offer or discount.

Wilde Cock White (dry)

This is stainless steel fermented with 80% Sauvignon Blanc from our farm blended with 20% Pinot Grigio from Santa Barbara, CA, making this the ultimate blend that is able to stand up to smoked chicken and a rich dessert. Age up to 2 years.

$24 bottle / $7 glass

2016 Estate Malvasia Bianca (semi-dry)

Only 1,600 bottles produced of this stainless steel-fermented, semi-dry white wine with a beautiful nose. Well-rounded acids and a truly fruit-filled dissipation on the palette. This beautiful varietal was made in a New World style, meaning it was aged for 10 months with multiple rackings and a rough filtering followed by two more fine filters. No clarifying agents added. Pair to a Jersey salad or nice grilled chicken from the BBQ. Age up to 3 years.

$45 per bottle / $12 per glass

Wilde Cock Prestige Silver (semi-dry)

Our 2016 estate Sauvignon Blanc blended with a delicious Chardonnay from our farm friends in Santa Barbara, CA creates a magically delicious taste of floral and fruit. Age up to 2 years.

$28 bottle / $8 glass

2015 Estate Malvasia Bianca (semi-dry)

Only 2,000 bottles for the entire planet! Steel fermented, aged 11 months in stainless steel, rough filtered but not absolute filtered, leaving a delicious citrus resolve with a light protein weight for longer dissipation on the palette. The pride of our vineyard. Age up to 2 years.

$42 bottle / $11 glass

2015 Estate Pinot Noir  (dry)

French style Pinot Noir, meaning no refining agents added, fermented on oak staves, racked into French oak barrels. Aged for 18 months, unfiltered, leaving succulent acids to pair brilliantly to all fatty meats, venison or a spinach salad with Jersey tomatoes. Age up to 5 years.

$48 per bottle / $12 per glass.

2015 Estate Chambourcin (dry)

Our very first release of a 100% Chambourcin. Great fruit notes, beautiful color, and a tannin complexity that was too good to blend away.  Just two barrels produced a mere 500 bottles for the planet. Enjoy this wine with friends around the campfire now, or lay it down for up to 6 years to enjoy during a special celebration.

$65 per bottle / $17 per glass.

2014/2015 Estate Cabernet SauvignonLimited Reserve (10-barrel blend/dry)

A very special blend of six barrels from 2014 and four barrels from 2015, all in neutral French Oak barrels. This wine is one of our most treasured releases to date.  Great fruit, impressive acid structure and an incredible finish that is perfect  for a cigar or lay it down for 1 year and really impress the wine snob in your life. With only 1,2000 bottles be sure to enjoy a sample and grab a few bottles to save for that next special celebration.  Age up to 12 years.

$58 per bottle / $15 per glass

Wilde Cock Prestige Gold (dry)~ Re-released December 1st!

An incredible blend of 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon from our farm blended with 2012 Tempranillo from our farm friends in California. Everything aged in French oak, rough then fine-filtered and bottled here on-site. Age up to 16 years.

$38 bottle / $10 glass

Wilde Cock Red (dry)

A special blend of 30% Cabernet Sauvignon from Lodi, CA with 40%  Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Estate Merlot and 10% Estate Chambourcin from 2015. Use caution as this “knock-back red” has a drinkability that might turn you into a Wilde Cock. Age up to 5 years.

$26 bottle / $8 glass

Blackberry Merlot (semi-sweet) 

45 day fermented blackberries blended with our 2014 Merlot leaving the ultimate in semi-sweet red wine. This wine is out of this world when served chilled or at room temperature. Add ice and club soda to make a refreshing spritzer. Age up to 3 years.

$28 bottle / $8 glass

Wilde Cock Apple (semi-sweet)

100% New Jersey Apples. Secret recipe of 5 apples crushed together, fermented in stainless steel for 8 months, filtered and bottled. Pair with all pork, sushi or spicy foods. Age up to 2 years.

$26 bottle / $8 glass

Wilde Cock Blush (semi-sweet)

A blend of Estate Merlot and Concord grapes from our farm friends in Ohio. This blend packs a sweet punch and is often considered a great way to get any party started. Age up to 2 years.

$25 bottle / $8 glass

Wilde Cock Sangria (semi-sweet to sweet)

Made from great wines, sweet fruit nectars and pure press juices. Served in a refillable moonshine growler. Our farm produces over 40 different sangrias year round which change about every 5 days. Be sure to bring your growler with your for each visit and fill up a bottle. Age life is only 5 DAYS from purchase.

$25 Growler / $15 Refill / $6 glass



Receive 5% off when you mix or match any 12 bottles or growlers plus, receive a gift certificate for your next visit for a wine tasting for 4 guests ($60 value)

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