Current Wine List

Wilde Cock White (dry)

White blend of 80% Malvasia Bianca & 20% Chardonnay, steel fermented, both aged 12 months in stainless steel and filtered. Soft notes of citrus fruit. Great wine to awaken your palate with our 3 sip system tasting method. Age up to 3 years.

$24 bottle / $7 glass


Wilde Cock Prestige Silver (semi-dry)

Our 2016 estate Sauvignon Blanc blended with a delicious Chardonnay from our farm friends in Santa Barbara California creates a taste of summer in a glass. Age up to 2 years.

$28 bottle / $8 glass


2015 Malvasia Bianca (semi-dry)

Only 2,000 bottles for the entire planet! Steel fermented, aged 11 months in stainless steel rough filtered but not absolute filtered, leaving a delicious citrus resolve with a light protein weight for longer dissipation on the palette. The pride of our vineyard. Age up to 2 years.

$42 bottle / $11 glass


2014 Bacchus Red (Semi-Dry)

Wine Maker’s special blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chambourcin. Ask your wine maker why Bacchus. Only 2,500 bottles for the entire planet, unfiltered. Age up to 4-7 years.

$38 bottle / $10 glass


2014 Pinot Noir (dry)

Our American style Pinot Noir, aged 20 months in French oak. Filtered, settled for 2 months and then hand bottled. Only 1200 bottles on the entire planet.Look for our French style Pinot Noir to be released in January. Age up to 7 years.

$42 bottle / $11 glass


Wilde Cock Red (dry)

Merlot and Petite Shiraz come together to make this incredible “knock back red” a great choice for all red wine drinkers. Balanced acids, great for any dish that involves lots of vegetables or pasta. Age up to 8 years.

$26 bottle / $8 glass


Wilde Cock Prestige Gold (dry)

A blend of French oak barrel aged, 2015 estate Cabernet Sauvignon blended with 2015 Tempranillo grapes from Santa Barbara, California. Age up to 15 years.

$38 bottle / $10 glass


Wilde Cock Blush

Available for bottle purchase in June 2017

A blend of estate merlot and concord grapes from our farm friends in Ohio. This blend packs a sweet punch and is often considered a great way to get any summer time party started. Age up to 2 years.

$8 glass


Blackberry Merlot (semi-sweet)

45 day fermented blackberries blended with our 2014 Merlot leaving the ultimate in semi-sweet red wine. This wine is out of this world when served chilled or at room temperature. Add ice and club soda to make a summer spritzer. Age up to 3 years.

$28 bottle / $8 glass


Wilde Cock Sweet White (Semi-sweet)

80% Sauvignon Blanc from our farm blended with 20% Moscato from Santa Barbara, California. Crisp wine with tropical and citrus notes. Perfect for pairing with spicy foods.

$24 bottle / $7 glass


Wilde Cock Sangria (semi-sweet to sweet)

Made from great wines, sweet fruit nectars and pure press juices. Served in a refillable moonshine growler. Our farm produces over 40 different sangrias year round which change about every 5 days. Be sure to bring your growler with your for each visit and fill up a bottle. Age life is only 5 DAYS from purchase.

$25 Growler / $15 Refill / $6 glass



Receive 5% off when you mix or match any 12 bottles or growlers plus, receive a gift certificate for your next visit for a wine tasting for 4 guests.

($40 value)