Adopt A Vine Program

Adopt A Vine Program ($100 per person)

Fun-filled, enhanced vineyard & wine experience that’s perfect for any true wine lover or a great gift for a loved one.


From the field to the bottle, enjoy a full year of vine to bottle education through agricultural enlightenment. As an Adopt a Vine parent, you will receive your own personally named vine marker to identify your newly adopted child. Expect bi-monthly informative emails discussing the vines’ stage of growth and development, the challenges and rewards of each season, and what work is required on the vines throughout the year.


Adopt a Vine parents will receive a refillable sangria growler to bring with them to class or on a last minute unplanned escape, plus 5% off all of their wine or sangria purchases throughout the year. Adopt a Vine parents will also get “first dibs” on all new wine releases and special vineyard event tickets.


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