Little Renoir Studio

A place for art…

Our expansive grounds are also home to the Little Renoir Studio, a place where people can feel free to be inspired!

Little Renoir Studio is an art studio operated by Carol King Hood, a SOMA Gallery artist and local author. Carol, a dear friend to our entire farm family, devotes her time to her work (often accompanied by her studio cat, Mr. Fatty Renoir) and also teaches personalized classes with students of all ages, from as young as four to well into adulthood. Among her many talents is her ability to make art accessible to anyone, no matter a person’s age or artistic background.

Painting since early childhood, Carol had the special opportunity to study under nationally known artist, Frieda Richter, from age ten to sixteen. She received training in fine art fundamentals, composition, charcoal life drawing, oil painting, in both outdoor – plein air style – and studio painting environments. After attending college, she held several positions as an Illustrator and Graphic Artist, while continuing to develop her fine arts style. While raising her four children, she also worked as a freelance artist and personally created a line of greeting cards which she has continued to develop and expand.

In her most recent venture, Carol has released a new children’s book, Saving Higbee, an adventure tale that reimagines the true story of Higbee, a snowy owl who captivated the Cape May community. The book is filled with Carol’s original artwork, and the bold colors are sure to delight everyone, both young and old alike.

If you are interested in learning more about Little Renoir Studio, Carol and her work, or taking classes, please contact Carol directly at

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